How to Style Your White Shaker Cabinets

Having white shaker cabinets in our kitchen is a delight. They are the ones which can be styled according to any theme and any color scheme in the kitchen regardless of the kitchen being a modern, old-school, conventional, contemporary or transitional combination. So, if your kitchen is anywhere between these defined styles or you want to place white kitchen cabinets with black hardware and you are unsure of how to make them look perfectly in-synced with it, then you have just landed on the right article for kitchen styling.

The white color of the cabinets and the shelves can be complimented by a lot of options. You can follow these kitchen design styling tips:

  • placing an antique yellow-colored kettle on the corner of a shelf just below the cabinet
  • placing a glazed, with shades of blue, vase
  • geometric patterned frames or art pieces
  • a Russian doll on the center of the countertop etc.

Apart from that if you have these cabinets, you can add colored shelves which go perfect with the white of the cabinets such as a three-colored scheme of grey white and pink. Or blue, white and yellow looks so modern and pleasing. After you get the white cabinets placed in your kitchen there are three things you need to focus on that will make your kitchen attractive, spacious, tidy and aesthetically pleasing. The hardware, flooring and how you will decorate it. So, without wasting time, let’s have a view of our options.

White shaker cabinet hardware

For hardware, if your kitchen has marble or granite in grey and black shades with white shaker cabinet, I would recommend you go for chrome or brass polished hardware. It will give a sleek and shiny look and the kitchen will not look empty especially if you use it on handles of cabinets, drawers and on the door knob. You can also have them polished in silver or gold color; they will look magnificent.

There’s another classy option and that is white cabinets with black hardware. You can also give a monochromatic look to your kitchen with these cabinets and black hardware with a matt finish. It will give an elegant, classy and elite look to your kitchen and this will always be above fashion or trends. The whole look gives a luxurious feel also. There’s also another thing you can do while setting the shaker cabinet hardware is match the black hardware with the black countertop, it will look more extravagant.

How will the flooring go with white shaker cabinet hardware?

Now, when we done with shaker cabinet hardware, we go to flooring which is also just as easy going as the hardware; white suits everything! You can have a total contrast while flooring. A lighter pink shade or a black floor both go well with the cabinets. You can also choose the flooring to be white and use all the colors in the décor. It will also give a fresh artistic feel.

Another option is using light colored wood for the kitchen floor and shaker cabinet hardware. This will look so airy and fresh if you have matcha-colored drawers and dining chairs to complete the look. If you want to get a classic antique vibe, use darker shades of wood.

Tiles are also a good option with marble effect, or patterned with shades of sky and lilac. This will also give a bloomy floral vibe to your kitchen and will also go well with shaker cabinet hardware.

Don’t miss out on the décor!

Having all the fixed parts set, we go on for décor. This is the part which is the most enjoyable because you can change it according to the seasons, your mood, special occasions etc.

If you have set lighter shades like; blue, lilac, matcha, baby pink then the décor can be floral themed with vines as wall hangings, vases with lilies or tulips. If you have used vibrant colors like red, orange, yellow, it means you have an artistic themed kitchen and you could use paintings of geometric shapes, mugs in the corner, mirror between the separating walls etc.

If your kitchen has a homey and earthy look with shades of brown, green and grey, then you can add a tray with marbles on the main counter, a flower-pot, a curtain on the window. Those who like antique or vintage themed kitchens and have them already, they can use antique pieces such as a vintage gravy boat to place on the worktop, an old British tea-set on the shelf below the cabinets. A bohemian look with dream catchers on the back door of the kitchen goes super fine with white shaker cabinets.


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